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Aerospace Committee - Mission Statement

France is the United States' main trade partner for aerospace products (1st industrial partner, 1st supplier, and 2nd largest customer of the U.S. aerospace industry).1 Other than the United States, France is the only country to have the full range of industrial capabilities and technical knowledge needed to design and build and aircraft or satellite from start to finish.2 This unique relationship has translated into the long-standing business ties between American companies and dozens of French subsidiaries in the Washington State aerospace cluster.

The FACC Aerospace Committee is a group established by the French-American Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest (FACC PNW). The group is open to any Washington State-based French companies or subsidiaries and any U.S. companies doing or wishing to do business with the French aerospace industry.

This Committee’s purpose is to create an active network between French and American companies in the aerospace industry sharing common interests as trade partners.  The Committee uses formal and informal networking means throughout the year and aims to: 

  •  Facilitate and encourage contact and exchanges between the Members to enable the sharing of experience and best practices;
  •  Inform, advise and assist French aerospace companies in the process of setting up operations in Washington State, as well as U.S. companies wishing to expand or start a business relationship with French companies;
  • Provide analyses, information or insights into the U.S. market and regulatory framework;
  • Facilitate exchanges and access to data on specific topics between Members;
  • Increasing the visibility of French companies in the PNW, especially with regards to elected officials ;
  • Provide access :

    •  At the local level, to elected officials (Governors' or mayors’ offices) or aerospace associations (such as the PNAA) ;
    •  At the international level, to French government officials and French organizations related to the industry (GIFAS, CCI, ASTECH, Aerospace Valley)

1. US Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Foreign Trade Division, September 2015

2. U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Commercial Service Aerospace Resource Guide, 2014-2015


Aerospace Committee - Chair of the Committee

Jean-Michel HILLION

Corporate S. Vice President, BOEING Programs

Aerospace Committee - Contact info

Please note this is an invitation-only Committee. Companies interested in joining the Committee or wishing to submit a query have to be member of the French-American Chamber of Commerce in Seattle. For more information you can contact, or call 206-443-4703

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  • February 3: Aerospace Committee @ SAFRAN Labinal Power Systems



  • October 8: Aerospace Committee @ Dassault Systemes
  • June 05: Aerospace Committee @ Boeing Dreamliner Gallery 
  • January 14 : Aerospace Committee @ Zodiac Aerospace


  • September 25: Aerospace Committee @ SAFRAN
  • July 24: Aerospace Committee @ Dassault
  • May 7: Aerospace Committee @ The Boeing Company
  • February 11: Aerospace Committee @ Thales




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