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The FACCPNW has more than 280 French and American members that represent 98 corporations, including Air France, Boeing, Dassault Systèmes, Microsoft, Port of Seattle, Safran, Starbucks, and the University of Washington. Most active French companies in the Pacific Northwest as well as many American companies interested in French-American commerce are members.

Thanks to these essential business contacts and a wide range of trade services, the Chamber broadens your network from the upper levels of government and industry to a range of small businesses, and develop your international business.

The Chamber's focus on French-American trade relations also opens the door to European markets and the expanding global economy.

Who is involved in the FACC?

Our members are businesses and people involved in French-American commerce or those who are very interested in the countries, products and culture. The Chamber and its members possess in depth knowledge regarding economic and business trends in France and the United States. Professional and personal relations are enhanced by frequent luncheons and seminars for our members. Our members also receive and have access to our local and national membership directories.

The FACC provides a high level of commitment to its members through its wide variety of member benefits and services.


“It was definitely my pleasure to be at the French-American Aerospace Reception. Congratulations for this event and the environment created to mingle around. It was more than worth to sponsor.”
Dietmar Klauber, Liebherr-Aerospace

“I love attending the business events of the Chamber. I always meet new interesting people and develop my network, and so my business! The Chamber is the association to choose for doing business with France and for social connections in general. They have strong relationships with the main international associations and companies in Seattle which is a great asset.”
Joseph A. Sasenick, Board Room Limited

“The Chamber’s role is unique in assisting in all aspects of finding and building strong partnerships with French companies and individuals and in making French companies aware of the opportunities and potential for locating in our region or working with partners here. This is truly a vital role as the need for multi-cultural understanding and business relationships across international borders grows and as France’s relationship with the Pacific Northwest continues to broaden. I am also grateful for the many other social networking opportunities the Chamber organizes and sponsors. It is always a pleasure interacting with your members, your staff and your other guests.”
John Walsh, U.S. Bank Overseas Banking Division Vice President;
Country Manager: South Asia, Middle East, Africa

“For 18 years, I have enjoyed my affiliation with the FACC, both as an individual member and board member. This affiliation has introduced me to new clients and life-long friends through myriad networking, business, educational and social events. It even helped facilitate my wedding in France! I am proud of my membership with the FACC and endorse it highly to anyone wishing to build or strengthen ties with France.”
Anne Brixner, FrancoFun!, French Tutoring

“After a recent French American Chamber business card exchange, Hobart Machined Products has received their first contract with IDD Aerospace. We thank Jack Cowan for the opportunities the FACC brings to their members.”
Rosemary Brester President, Hobart Machined Products

“I have enjoyed working with the chamber from volunteer to board member for over 8 years. I have integrated my enjoyment of speaking and working with the French culture into my law practice. Because of my contacts with the chamber, I now specialize in helping the many French nationals who live in Washington with their legal needs. The chamber is a valuable part of my business and is a way for me to give back to the community.”
Laura Zeman, Zeman Law Group, PLLC

“Thanks again for your kind invitation to the Beaujolais Nouveau Festival. Many people I talked to liked the new format. I was impressed by the consistently high quality of your vendors.”
Philippe Goetschel, Honorary Consul of Switzerland at Swiss Government Chairman at Bucky Products Inc.

“Getting involved with the French-American Chamber of Commerce is a wonderful way to meet new people, discover new businesses and celebrate French culture. The business and social events cover a wide range of topics and provide great opportunities for networking.”
Gayle Duncan, Executive Options, Marketing-Communications-Meetings


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