A l'école: UW Center for West European Studies

In the midst of Brexit, students discuss differences between the US and Europe.

Professor Phillip Shekleton, Lecturer of International Studies in Business at the Michael G. Foster School of Business, invited our volunteer interns to participate in one of his classes.

On Thursday May, 23, 2019, after a 30 minute course on current European politics (in the midst of the Brexit mayhem), the three guests were granted the floor to present themselves. They also discussed their opinions on Brexit with the French-speaking remainder of the class.

The presentation and subsequent discussion was not very formal, as all the students were about the same age as the speakers. It quickly turned into a simple conversation in French regarding the current European situation, but also the speakers’ opinion on the United States and its differences.

If you are interested in inviting a French-speaker to present at your school or community organization, please contact info@faccpnw.org. 

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