The Pacific Northwest

Where Nature and Business Coexist

Whether you are a world explorer looking for astonishing landscapes or an international business professional wishing to participate in our booming economy, the Pacific Northwest has abundant opportunities to offer you.

The Pacific Northwest stretches from Washington state, located in the Northwest corner of the United States, to the southern Oregon and eastern Idaho state borders. Extending over 655,000 square kilometers, the Pacific Northwest covers a surface that equals 119% of France’s territory. Lying along the Pacific Ocean, the states of Washington and Oregon possess, on top of stunning vistas, privileged access to global markets. 13 million people live in the Pacific Northwest, making for dynamic and eclectic communities. The Greater Seattle (WA) and Portland (OR) areas are the most populated in the region, with 4 and 2.5 million inhabitants respectively. Just as the Pacific Northwest’s geography and population, the Pacific Northwest’s economy is diversified, ranging from forestry and agriculture to state-of-the-art manufacturing and innovative information technology (IT).

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