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Webinar: Pivot Strategies to Sustain and Grow During a Crisis (FACC-DC &Startup DC Online)

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Join this 90 min masterclass workshop to learn how to pause, reassess, and pivot your business strategy for your market in the current situation.


This event is in partnership with DC Startup Week and Disruptive.CEO!

About this Event:

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. ” -- Sun Tsu

As the shelter-in-place mandates continue to hold, companies have had to shut their doors or quickly adapt to full virtual operations, supply chains have been completely disrupted due to lack of demand and/or supply, service providers are limited with the way they can conduct business, and the capital markets continue to be volatile with no real “concrete” end in sight.

All of this resulting in limited sales, layoffs, small business and companies’ feelings paralyzed and customer pain points changing overnight--leaving some CEOs/entrepreneurs with many sleepless nights on deciding what to do next.

Truth is we all have the right to freak out right now. But we also have the opportunity to reframe the situation and look for opportunities to shift and/or pivot in the midst of crisis.

During this 90 min master class, you will learn how to look at taking this opportunity to pause and reassess your market, the problem you are solving for, and figure out creative ways to pivot from a business model that may not be viable in the current stay-at-home environment to something that could be (and could serve you long-term).

In the workshop, you’ll:

  • Understand the current state of opportunities and pivots
  • Understand how your customer has changed overnight and how to identify how to serve them today
  • How to identify a business model that moves from non-essential to essential
  • How to market your products & services in this environment
  • See examples of what other companies have done to sustain or grow in this market
  • And more...

This will be a presentation but come prepared to participate, ask questions, and think outside of the box. #strategymatters

Meet the Speaker, Seema Alexander:

Seema Alexander is the CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of Disruptive.CEO. With over 20+ years of experience as a career-long Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Seema partners with entrepreneurs and companies to accelerate their growth by Rebranding-to-Scale. This process is far from a pure branding exercise. It streamlines years of learnings and pivots to optimize their business model, brand positioning and value proposition, overall customer experience, and targeted marketing and sales efforts— all of which has resulted in increased sales, profitability, and overall growth for 200+ companies.


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