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How to pivot your business model by connecting Innovation and growth. How to create a business transformation roadmap.



Today, successful companies make zero assumptions about their market, test everything regularly to understand how behaviors change, and adapt to them rapidly.

As continuous evolution becomes the “New Normal”, we must acknowledge it as an on-going effort that requires an entirely new framework to manage growth, innovation, and transformation.

We are moving from ‘strategy as analysis’ to ‘strategy as innovation’. 


July 9th, 2020  -  9:00AM PST

Speaker: Xavier Pereira, COO Vision platform, will introduce the Continuous Evolution Framework.


You will learn:

  • How to pivot your business model by connecting Innovation and growth.
  • How to create a business transformation roadmap.
  • What it means to unify your organization around a vision and a core business.
  • Some mega trends some best practices from companies that adapt and thrive in a world of constant change


Webinar organized by the FACC-PNW High Tech & Innovation Committee.



Meet the speaker:

Xavier Pereira, COO Vision Platform

Strategist, Advisor and COO of Vision platform, Xavier Pereira partners with industry leaders and executives to optimize the performance of existing businesses, envision market opportunities, transform business models, and adopt innovative technology solutions to sustain growth and value.

For more than 25 years, he transformed multibillion-dollar businesses and organizations at Microsoft with the vision to “Empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.” He led the digital transformation of Microsoft Professional Services and worked with hundreds of large and small organizations, across industries and worldwide to help them grow and execute their business transformation strategies.

With the Continuous Evolution Framework, Xavier defines how to adjust to a “New Normal” with a customer-centric approach that facilitates the management of crisis, performance, and innovation. It enables the discovery of our “Unknown Unknowns” that can block our ability to develop a growth mindset and close the gap between strategy and execution.

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”.



Vision platform:

Vision Platform is a Seattle based company that equips organizations with the Continuous Evolution Framework. It provides a unique capacity to reveal the collective intelligence of an organization, help teams increase their performance, maintain their value and competitive edge in this ever-changing market. Entrepreneurs, business leaders, strategists and innovators are becoming disruptors with this fast, outcome-driven, and dynamic method.



Continuous_Evolution_-_The_New_Normal.pdf (PDF • 2 MB)
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