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Accent Reduction Resources for Non-Native English Speakers

On Tuesday, May 5, Ellen Taft ADVS offered a free webinar to our FACC network. Attendees received tools for how to properly pronounce English words.

Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar "Accent Reduction: Gain Confidence Speaking English at Work" with Ellen Taft, ADVS this week. We hope you found the webinar as interesting and as instructive as we did!

Below, you will find links several documents and websites curated by Ellen which can help you to correct some of the common pronunciation stumbling blocks covered in the webinar. Ellen also recommends the CD set "Improve your American English Accent" by Charlsie Childs, which she displayed as an example during the webinar.

When you are working to reduce your accent, Ellen recommends that you look for materials specifically created for people with your maternal language (French)learning the accent you hope to learn (American). She also recommends contacting or looking at the websites of bookstores in France like FNAC (there is an FNAC in Manhatten that is still in online business).

If you missed the webinar or to keep in touch, you can contact Ellen via email at actorshandbook@etaft.net or on her website


Visit Ellen Taft's Website


An event supported by French Education Northwest


Download Stress_Rules_in_English.pdf  (PDF • 169 KB) Download TH_common_words.pdf  (PDF • 80 KB) Download Stress_and_Intonation_in_English.pdf  (PDF • 194 KB) Download Listening_for_Falling_and_Rising_Intonation.pdf  (PDF • 10 KB) Download 2_TH_common_words.wma  (WMA • 4 MB)

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Audio for Rising and Falling Intonation Stress and Intonation Really Learn English: Word Stress
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