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Dual Committee Meeting - Aerospace and High Tech & Innovation

On June 30th, we had our first dual committee meeting gathering both Aerospace and High Tech & Innovation Committees members!

Francois Guerzeder and Marion Desmazieres, respectively President of the Aerospace and the High Tech & Innovation Committees, welcomed us at L'Experience Paris for this very special meeting.

The attendees had the privilege to hear Philippe Karam, Director Global Fleet & Aviation Sourcing at Amazon Air, presenting the missions and development of Amazon Air.
Philippe presented the history of the company, its creation, the difficulties encountered, the development of the fleet, the group goals and its tremendous growth.
Philippe also particularly insisted on the challenges of sustainability related to aerospace and the means deployed by Amazon Air to successfully meet them.

Amandine Crabtree, from the WA State Department of Commerce, gave us a feedback on the 2022 Aircraft Interiors Expo and, finally, Ariane Ogier presented the next events of the FACC.

As we look forward our next event, we thank all the speakers and attendees for this great meeting!


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