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Nonlinear Materials Hosts High-Tech and Innovation Committee Meeting

The future of computing is optical!

For the second High-Tech and Innovation Committee meeting of 2019, the members of the FACC-PNW Committee gathered at the Cloud Room in Capitol Hill to learn about NonLinear Materials Corporation (NLM). NLM creates innovative technology in the fiber-optic industry, an upcoming new revolution in computing.

The High-Tech Committee had the chance to learn about next-generation nanoscale-photonics with Paul Nye, Chairman and President, Gérard Zytnicki, CEO, and Lewis E. Johnson, Chief Scientific Officer. They spoke about their impressive research and their progressive tech implementation through the computing and telecommunication markets. NLM exclusively licensed proprietary materials and methods developed by University of Washington researchers to deliver “fiber-optic networks on a chip.” They deliver a new vision of connectivity through scientific and electronic innovation. The NLM product provides outstandingly faster connectivity, a lighter environmental footprint and a much larger storage space.

The presentation led to fascinating conversions between the speakers and the attendees. Because of their unique technology, NLM is getting more and more attention from government institutions and private companies alike. We are very grateful that these NLM leaders took the time to welcome our committee despite their busy schedules. We would like to thank Gérard, Paul and Lewis for this great presentation. We look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with NonLinear Materials Corporation in the future!

The next High-Tech and Innovation Committee Meeting will take place this fall. For more information about joining the committee or to host a meeting, please contact info@faccpnw.org. 

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