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Spring 2019: Cooking for a Cause

In this special cooking class fundraiser, all of the proceeds supported Phoebe Wright's trip to Kitale, Kenya to provide medical services.




Chouquettes au chocolat

About the Class

Chef Jacques co-hosted this cooking class with his granddaughter Phoebe Wright. Beyond sharing knowledge about how to prepare some excellent French foods, this unique class raised funds to support access to medical care for people in Kitale, Kenya as part of a project devised by Phoebe Wright and sponsored by FEN.

An aspiring medical student currently pursuing her bachelor's degree at the University of Washington, Phoebe will travel to Kenya on June 15, 2019 to partner with Elimlim Health Clinic. While they cooked, attendees were able to speak with Phoebe about her past trips to Kitale, Kenya and the important work she plans to do during her upcoming trip. It was a spectacular evening of great food and compassion! 

All proceeds from this cooking class will be donated to cover Phoebe’s travel and lodging expenses during her trip to and from Kenya. Any funds raised beyond her basic expenses during the stay will be used toward clinic supplies such as surgical kits, bandages, and multivitamins. Phoebe also hopes to purchase a new laptop and software for the clinic to help with daily patient registration.

About the Elimlim Health Clinic:

Elimlim Health Clinic is a Nonprofit Organization founded in Kitale, Kenya in 2011. It is a free of charge Health Clinic, serving the Kipsongo slums, street children, and the poorest of Kitale, Kenya. Members of the clinic facilitate a mobile medical clinic in Kenya, medicine and doctor consultations, and serve the people in the slums, street kids, glue boys, elderly, widows and HIV patients.

Website: Elimlim Clinic Blog/Website

Facebook: Elimlim Health Clinic Facebook Page

Youtube: Elimlim Clinic Trailer

In Phoebe's own words:

"My passion for Kenya started a few years ago when I had a chance to work along-side Kenyan doctors, nurses, and locals and witness the need for medical care and how it can transform the quality of life of people of all ages. As I continue to pursue my degree in medicine at the University of Washington, there have been opportunities to impact communities in Kenya that allow for that health and wellness of the Kenyan people to be improved, permitting new opportunities for them as well.

This will be my third time partnering with a local clinic in Kitale, Kenya. This trip will be focused primarily on the immediate community in the town of Kitale and the slums there. Our medical team will be offering free medical care to the locals several days a week as well as outreaches where we visit local impoverished street communities and provide more specialized care such as jiggers treatment and eye disease care.

Our team can see anywhere from 100 to 500 patients in one day. Virginia Mason has generously donated medical supplies to my trips, giving the nurses and doctors more opportunity to serve their patients with the treatment they need. The clinic relies solely on donations for supplies and funding each month. Your donations will go toward these needs and will directly impact hundreds of people in Kenya." 

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