High-Tech and Innovation FAQs

What is the High-Tech and Innovation Committee?

The High-Tech and Innovation Committee is a group established by the French-American Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest (FACC PNW). This committee’s purpose is to create an active professional network connecting French and American companies that share common interests in the High-Tech industry as trade partners. It comprises individuals and companies from both France and the Pacific Northwest with stakes and interest in the High-Tech industry.

In a time of great innovations worldwide, the Pacific Northwest imposed itself as one of the go-to destinations to kick start and develop your business. With numerous significant and growing businesses in the Pacific Northwest that include French and American professionals, the idea of the High-Tech and Innovation Committee is to create an efficient congruence of ideas in the sector. 

Format of meetings: 2 to 3 speakers (20 minutes each), Q&A, potential visit and then networking time.


Why join the High-Tech and Innovation Committee?

During meetings, committee members have a chance to hear from industry leaders, startups and entrepreneurs about relevant topics from the sector, and sometimes tour facilities of other High Tech companies.

  • The High-Tech and Innovation Committee uses formal and informal networking means throughout the year to support its goals to:

  • Facilitate contacts and exchanges between the Members to enable the sharing of experience and best practices;

  • Encourage the creation of a learning environment fostering knowledge of innovative technology;

  • Inform, advise and assist French High-Tech companies in the process of setting up operations in Washington State, as well as U.S. companies wishing to expand or start a business relationship with French companies;

  • Provide analyses, information or business insights pertaining to the high-tech industry and innovation trends;

  • Facilitate exchanges and access to data on specific topics between Members;

  • Develop the awareness of innovative products;

  • Increase the visibility of French companies in the PNW, especially with regards to elected officials or, potentially, of US companies in France;

  • Provide access:

    • At the local level, to elected officials (Governors’ or mayors’ offices);

    • At the international level, to French government officials and French organizations related to the industry.


Who can participate in the High-Tech & Innovation Committee?

Members of the committee include Washington State-based French subsidiaries and U.S. companies doing or wishing to do business with the French Life High-Tech industry. The High-Tech & Innovation Committee meetings are invitation-only.

For more information on the benefits of joining the FACC-PNW, and instructions on how to register, visit our Membership page.


When and where do High-Tech & Innovation Committee meetings happen?

The High-Tech & Innovation Committee gathers four times a year. High-Tech & Innovation Committee meetings are hosted by local companies from the High Tech sector. Special topics for the committee meetings are selected by the committee’s executive leadership team based on suggestions by committee members and/or host companies. Previous meetings have been hosted by Clarisonic / L’Oréal, Valence with Taqtile, and NonLinear Materials.

If your company would like to take part of a High-Tech & Innovation Committee meeting by hosting, providing speakers or suggest a topic to discuss, please email info@faccpnw.org

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